My top 10 fashion blogs

Hi everyone, today I would like to share with you my daily fashion inspiration, I read a lot of fashion blogs, and I have made a selection with my favorites ones. Hope you like it!


10. The Man Repeller

If you want to have some fun and learn about fashion, this is your place, Leandra Medine is the fashion blogger behind this hilarious blog, her hair is always messy, sometimes she mixes boyfriends jeans and baggy clothes with stunning high heels or she decides to surprises us with a lesson on chic fashion.

The man repeller

Leandra Medine wearing her usual boyfriend jeans


Looks stunning in a little white dress


 9. Song of Style

This is a fashion and interior design blog, its creator is Aimee Song, a Californian  girl that shares her every day job as interior designer. She is the perfect example of a successful working girl that works hard to buy luxury shoes and bags.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song

Did I mention that she is the queen of mini skirts?

aimee song

8. Amlul

This Spanish girl is brimming with confidence, her name is Gala Gonzalez and her blog is in the eye of many brands that want to work with her, Mango, Louis Vuitton and Nike are some of them.

She has her own fashion tv show called ‘GalaConfidential’, she is a successful  Dj and she loves to wear hats! I have to say that I love her style!

Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez

7. OhmyVogue

Henar Vicente is another spanish girl, i think that she could wear a paper bag and still look elegant; you will never see her hair messy or her shoes dirty . I like her style, it’s so elegant and chic, even though I don’t like the pastel colors that she used to wear sometimes.

2780879_lb.jpg 1358432647


6. PeaceLoveShea

Shea Marie is the blogger behind this page, she is  the typical California girl, blonde and pretty, but she has something unique, a lot of style, very different to the European girls, sophisticated but still American.

shea marie


5. StyleScrapBook

Andy Torres is a stunning Mexican girl, she found the way to be heard within the high fashion world with hard work and effort. She moved from Mexico to Amsterdam where her blog started to succeed.

She is super tall and sometimes she makes crazy combinations of patters and fabrics that mark her style.

Andy Torres



4. SeaOfShoes

I found her blog about 2 months ago and I like it very much. She is the only one on my list of bloggers that really lives the high couture fashion. She is also the daughter of an important fashion photographer in the US. Her mom is her photographer and the pictures she takes are stunning. Every post by Jane Aldridge looks like a fashion editorial. She has an amazing collection of luxurious shoes along with new and vintage clothes that look amazing with her pale skin and red hair.

sea_of_shoes_grande.jpeg 88



3. LeBlogdeBetty

I have to say I love her blog so much, she is unique!  Betty Autier is a cool French girl with that amazing Parisian irreverence on her outfits, mixing sequins with sneakers, something from the 80’s, full of joy. You can actually see that she has a lot of fun every time that she decides on what to wear everyday of her life.



Estilo Betty1



Jessica Stein is a cute Australian girl that can’t stay more than 2 weeks in the same place. She loves traveling around the world, and at the same time she attends the most important fashion weeks of the year. A fabulous mix of fashion and travel is what  makes this blog different.




Chiara Ferragni is the queen of fashion bloggers! Her blog is an empire full of brands and sponsored posts. Aside from generating revenue with her blog she also has her own line of shoes and jewels. This Italian girl works hard every day as a model and  collaborating with brands like  Superga, Hogan, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valextra, Lovers and Friends, Nike, Philips, Tiffany&Co etc.

I love her style, always chic, clean, sometimes she is a rocker, another day she’s a jetty, but her best looks will always be the ones from fashion weeks.


Chiara Ferragni Fashion Week




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